11:FS Pulse

Your competitors are evolving constantly.

With thousands of recordings of end to end user-journeys from fintech and financial services companies across the globe, it’s never been easier to sharpen your competitive edge.

Used by:

Sharpen your product team’s competitive edge

Speed up your time to market by basing your product strategy on proven, tested success stories, rather than spending time reinventing the wheel.

Discover new solutions

Justify your decision-making and support your solutions with rich user research from leading fintechs.

Leverage our expertise

Access exclusive UX reports and updates on the latest product releases, magnifying your ability to innovate at scale.

Who's it for?

Use cases

Pulse is used by the world’s leading banks and fintechs to stay ahead of the competition and improve the speed and quality of their product releases. Whether you’re a product manager, a designer, or a researcher, Pulse is the tool for you.

UX and Design

See how other teams are solving the same problems you’re facing.

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Research and Strategy

Keep on top of market trends with rich, insightful competitor analysis via a next generation research platform.

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Product Managers

Identify the leading products in the market and learn from the best.

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