What is 11:FS Pulse?

11:FS Pulse is a unique research and benchmarking service for customer focused financial service providers around the world who want to change the fabric of financial services by understanding, creating & building outstanding digital experiences that will attract, retain and delight their customers.

11:FS Pulse leverages a global network of real user experiences blended with our expert insight to help you define what’s best and what’s next.

How do I use 11:FS Pulse?

You can use the service to educate and empower your teams to create truly digital first experiences in a smarter and faster way; helping you positively impact sales, conversion and profit per customer.

At the core of 11:FS Pulse is an ever-expanding library of user journeys from financial products around the world. We show the full range of journeys, from onboarding through to making a payment. All journeys are rated and tagged to help you find the content you’re looking for.

I’m too busy to log into 11:FS Pulse every day. How do I stay in the loop?

You can follow your interests by subscribing to a company, a product or service type like 'Current Accounts', or a journey type like 'Onboarding'. We’ll email you weekly with links to the journeys that are relevant to your interests.

You can subscribe from various points in 11:FS Pulse or manage your subscriptions on your My Account page.

We’ll also send you a weekly newsletter with the team’s roundup of highlights from the financial world each week.

What are 11:FS Pulse ‘Episodes’?

Episodes are videos of our show Homescreen containing interviews with product creators as well as product design commentary are indexed against the journey library in order to help keep you abreast of market & design trends in the financial services space.

How much does it cost?

For more information, including our pricing model, please click here to book a demo with a member of our team.

Pulse ratings

Who does the ratings?

All the journeys in 11:FS Pulse have been rated by a team of experienced analysts who have assessed hundreds of FS products using a robust framework as described below.

How do you rate the journeys?

Journeys are rated on 3 factors:

  • Utility - How advanced is the feature and is it fit for purpose?
    • Our experienced analysts have unique exposure to the development of FS products globally and use this insight to assess the usefulness of features in the context of the wider market
  • Usability - Is the journey easy and fast to complete?
    • We follow industry-accepted heuristics to assess the usability of the journeys in 11:FS Pulse. Though these heuristics can’t replace feedback from actual users, they go some way to revealing how well a product meets human-computer interaction standards.
  • Visual Design - Is the design in-line with current trends and consistent across the journey?
    • The 11:FS Pulse analysts assess journeys in line with the latest user interface design trends, taking into consideration the use of engaging visuals, layout efficiency and use of whitespace.

Utility and Usability are weighted more heavily than Visual Design.

Full details can be found here.

User journeys

How do you get the journeys?

The journey videos are provided by actual customers of the financial services products we present. This means they are real, and not a testing simulation or prototype, so the videos are vetted to ensure that the tasks we requested from the product’s user have been completed as requested and personal information is redacted.

How do you keep content up to date?

We consistently refresh content on a periodic basis. Journeys from fintechs are refreshed each month and incumbent banks between 2 and 3 months. We also work with a number of fintechs who update us on the features they’re working on and send us the journeys when they’re in the public domain. Furthermore, our panelists are incentivised to update us and our community of 11:FS Pulse users often let us know of new journeys they expect to see on the platform. In short, we have a community of people helping us stay abreast of changes within the industry.

Is there more content coming or is this it?

We’re constantly adding new brands to our library as well as updating the journey videos on the brands we already have.

Can I request new content?

Absolutely, we encourage you to request new content! Be it a new fintech you saw advertised on the train, or that feature you keep hearing about from your competitor, let us know and we’ll go looking for it.

Do keep in mind that some content is harder to get than others. Where products have a smaller user base it’s a bit tougher to find someone willing to share their experience for our journey library. For ethical reasons, we also won’t ask anyone to undertake a task that may impact their credit rating purely for the sake of recording a video. This doesn’t mean we don’t collect those journeys. If one of our contributors was going to perform the transaction anyway, we’re happy to collect it.

Note: requesting new content is not available to Pulse for Startups customers.

How many brands do you have and from which countries?

The number of brands and journeys on 11:FS Pulse is always increasing. Currently, we have over 600 brands from 35 countries, forming over 5900 user journeys.

To get the latest count of the number of brands and journeys have a look at the 11:FS Pulse homepage where the statistics are listed. 

What is the legal standing on ensuring you don't run into issues with the brand's intellectual property of the user journeys recorded and added to 11:FS Pulse?

We never publish anything in 11:FS Pulse that is not already in the public domain. All we have done is democratise competitor research, and at scale - it’s as if we’ve opened accounts with hundreds of banks and brands for research purposes and shared our insights with you.

Video help

Why won't the videos play?

The most likely culprit is your corporate firewall blocking Vimeo, the video hosting service we use.

To confirm if this is the case, go to and try to play any video there. If you're unable to get to the page or play the videos it's likely your corporate firewall has blocked Vimeo. Contact your IT/Network administration team for help.

If you can get to Vimeo but can't play our videos, please let us know.

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