we, us or 11:FS means us, Eleven FS Group Limited (company no: 10103078)
you means you, the user!

You’ve been invited to take part in our fintech pricing trial (Trial) for our digital finance user journey database, 11:FS Pulse (Pulse). These key terms will apply to your use of Pulse during the Trial, and combined with out standard user terms (User Terms), make up the legal agreement between us and you. If there is any difference between these Key Terms and User Terms, the Key Terms will supersede the User Terms.

  1. Initial Trial Period
    1. The Trial will begin on the activation date (i.e. when you activate the link we send you). The Initial Trial Period will last for 7 calendar days and there will be no fee.
  2. Personal use
    1. Your invite is personal to you and you cannot share access to Pulse or login details with any other person.
  3. Devices
    1. The maximum number of devices you can use to log in to Pulse at any one time is two (2).
  4. User Surveys
    1. In return for free access to Pulse during the Initial Trial Period, all we require is for you to complete the two (2) surveys we’ll send you. Please complete them within seven (7) days of receiving them. The surveys will be: (i) a pricing survey and (ii) a content and useability survey. Access to Pulse will be paused during the survey period.
  5. After the Initial Trial Period
    1. After the Initial Trial Period and completion of the surveys, we will contact you to offer you either (i) an extension to the Trial for a period of time or (ii) a subscription to Pulse for a subscription price. We may offer you a discounted or introductory subscription price for a period of time.
      1. If your Trial is extended, these Key Terms will still apply.
      2. If you order a Pulse subscription, these Key Terms will no longer apply and the subscription terms agreed with you will apply.
      3. If you choose not to accept a Trial extension or Pulse subscription, access to Pulse will be deactivated and these Key Terms will no longer apply except for paragraph 7.
  6. Compliance with terms
    1. During the Trial, you must comply in full with these Key Terms and the User Terms. In particular, you must not download or store any permanent copies of any Pulse content.
  7. Confidentiality
    1. The Trial and all information regarding our pricing is confidential. You agree to keep confidential (i) these Key Terms; (ii) your participation in the Trial and (iii) all pricing information and other commercial terms relating to Pulse.

      You can publicise that you are or have been a customer of Pulse, if you want to.
  8. 11:FS rights
    1. We have the right to end the Trial at any time and suspend access (for any reason).
  9. Contact
    1. You agree that we can contact you during the Initial Trial Period and for a reasonable time afterwards about the Trial and the user surveys. We will not send you any marketing communications unless you opt-in to receive them during the trial signup process.
  10. User Terms
    1. The following parts of the User Terms aren’t relevant for the Trial and won’t apply: any reference to an ‘order form’, 3 (term), 5 (fees),and 11 and 12 (termination).

Acceptance of these Key Terms and the User Terms creates a legal agreement between you and 11:FS. By proceeding with the Trial, you will be agreeing to bound by the terms.

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