What is the 11:FS Pulse Fintech Pricing Trial?

11:FS Pulse is building a community of users, and fintechs are a key part of this community. 11:FS Pulse users get exclusive access to our library of more than 3600 user journeys from financial services around the world. They also get access to our Homescreen episodes, where members of the financial services industry speak in depth with our team about their products and inspirations. Users can also receive the 11:FS Pulse Newsletter, which highlights the latest trends and developments in the fintech community.

With the 11:FS Pulse Fintech Pricing Trial, we are offering limited free access to 11:FS Pulse to selected fintech community members in order to find out more about their views on 11:FS Pulse’s pricing and proposition. This is so we can use this insight to tailor future offerings to better serve our community.

Why have I been selected for the trial?

We are looking for people who work in fintechs and other independent financial services companies to help us understand how 11:FS Pulse can better meet their needs. Many of our trialists will have previously seen a demo of our platform, but for various reasons, the conversation didn't progress at the time. The 11:FS Pulse Fintech Pricing trial is designed to give you the opportunity to access the platform and in return get your feedback to help us build a tailored offer for our fintech community.

What’s involved? How much time will this take?

Trialists will be given 7 days of access to 11:FS Pulse, absolutely free. All we ask during this time is that you use the site. A suggested amount would be 2 or 3 short sessions at minimum and to have a good look around at what we offer.

At the end of the 7 days, you will be sent a link via email to complete a brief survey about pricing on 11:FS Pulse. When you’ve completed this survey you will then be offered the chance to purchase a further 3 months of access to 11:FS Pulse at a preferential rate, via a special link you will receive at that time. You will also be sent one more short survey to ask about your views on our content and product features, which can be completed at a later date.

What’s in it for me?

Taking part in the 11:FS Pulse Fintech Pricing Trial gives you the opportunity to get access to the world’s largest library of financial user journeys and check out what best in class digital experiences in financial services looks like: more than 3,600 real user journeys from the most competitive financial companies across the world!

So whether you are at the beginning of your design process and are looking for inspiration or want to make sure you are developing your product in the right direction, 11:FS Pulse gives you access behind the login screens of the most exciting brands out there! Check out the state of the art in a matter of seconds with our content and speed up your design process!

What do I do next?

If you agree to take part, click the sign up link in the email you received about the trial and you will be able to sign up. If you need to use a different email address, or have any trouble signing up, please get in touch at pulse@11fs.com.

I don’t think this trial is right for me, what do I do?

If you’re not interested in the trial please let our sales team know. You can contact them at pulse@11fs.com.

How many members of my team will get access? How can I invite someone else to the trial?

Right now, each invitation is for its recipient only. If you would like to nominate further team members or others in your network for the trial, please get in touch at pulse@11fs.com.

Who do I speak to about longer term access after the trial has concluded?

Interested in continuing using 11:FS Pulse? Simply get in touch with us at pulse@11fs.com and we will put you on the best available deal.

How much is it going to cost me?

Access to the pricing trial is completely free with no obligation to buy whatsoever. After your 7 day trial, you will have the option to buy extended access at a preferential rate exclusive to trialists.

Are you keeping my data/details? What will it be used for?

We will store a minimum of data for the purposes of learning how we can improve the 11:FS Pulse service in the future. All data will be stored under the 11:FS Pulse Privacy Policy.

I have a question that is not answered here - who do I speak to?

Please get in touch with us at pulse@11fs.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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